1. Holistic medicine does not mean (as some people think) only natural methods of treatment. According to holistic medicine, the doctor’s goal is the good of the patient. Depending on the condition and predisposition of the patient, the type of disease and its severity, the doctor can both use the achievements of Western medicine, conventional medicine and draw from the experience of natural medicine. Therefore, he should be proficient in both fields, keep track of scientific research on the one hand, and, on the other hand, explore knowledge about how to use what nature gives us in medicine. 

2. Holistic medicine assumes that human health is based on the balance that the man achieves at all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

3. The patient is not a case to be treated separately as just a body, apart from his life, instead, the patient is treated as an individual, as a human being.

4. The doctor is like a guide – gives tips, advice, and recommendations. The patient himself instructed on how to proceed to recover, to prevent the disease from returning, becomes independent.  He learns what a healthy lifestyle consists of, applies all known principles and consequently does not need a doctor anymore. He becomes his own doctor, able to use his self-regulation and self- healing ability given to him by nature. This is the greatest satisfaction and reward for his therapist – the patient does not have to come to him anymore, because he can take care of himself, he is autonomous.

5. Patient treated in accordance with the principles of holistic medicine becomes an example for others after some time. He does not teach but sets an example for himself. When he says that smoking or excess sugar is unhealthy, he never really smokes and does not eat excess sweets. By giving a positive example, he helps in maintaining the health of others.

Excerpts from the conversations with Dr. Preeti Agrawal, founder of sister clinic, IMC Wroclaw, Poland, from the Book WOMAN AND NATURE, how to stay healthy at every stage of life.

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