About Us

Our modern, inquiry driven approach to health and wellness means we view the body not as individual and separate organs, but as one integrated system where one part affects the whole.  We believe in developing a therapeutic partnership with our patients so that together we can fully understand the psychosomatics of disease and how the interaction of the mind and body affect health and recovery.

All people are born free and equal! We treat all our patients with fairness, respect, and courtesy regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Your biography creates your biology!

At 360° Integrative Medical Centre, we strongly believe that our biological health becomes a physical reflection of our biography.   What is your story?

Our Motto

Our mission is to understand the root cause of your illness and address it by integrating a wide variety of modern and traditional medicine as well as complementary practices that help you heal faster and better and on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

— Ania Gurynowicz