WORKSHOP JUNE 30th 3:00-6:00pm

WORKSHOP JUNE 30th 3:00-6:00 pm

Enjoy Discovering the Art and Science of Aromatherapy

About this Event

We would like to welcome you to the world of Fragrance!

This one day workshop is designed to give you an insight into the uses of various essential oils to support your HORMONES HARMONY in various stages of life and introduce you to the possibility of achieving optimal health and well-being through aromatherapy.

Join us and:

  • Discover Top 10+Essential Oils for hormone balancing
  • Achieve Mental and Emotional well-being
  • Have Sensory experience

Take a deep breath, enjoy extravagant fragrances and choose your favorites.

(Saje Essential oils on site available for purchase at a special 360 IMC rate)

Dr. Elena Fenske ND

Elena Fenske, ND obtained her Bachelor of Science in cell biology and genetics from the University of British Colombia. Her upbringing in Iran fostered her love for food and traditional herbs as a type of medicine that is readily available in the kitchen. While she was pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, her own health challenges brought her to naturopathic medicine, which played a critical role in healing. Pursuing naturopathic medicine at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine rekindled her passion for using food and nutrition as a healing modality along with all of the other wonderful tools in her naturopathic toolbox. When Dr. Fenske is not seeing patients or educating students as a teaching assistant, she spends her free time tending to her patio herb garden where she grows various medicinal herbs as well as vegetables and fruits. She loves educating others on how they can incorporate healthy food habits to obtain a healthier lifestyle by sharing delicious, healing and simple recipes.

Dr. Drena Drenic Ph.D. RPh

During her Ph.D. studies, she discovered her passion for aromatherapy and the chemistry of essential oils. She sees aromatherapy as an ancient ART-SCIENCE and essential oils as a very powerful medicine. After all, essential oils are concentrated SOLAR ENERGY captured inside the plant and with every single drop, we bring that energy of the Sun into our body.

In search of excellence, she dedicated her life to the promotion of natural health, the prevention of disease, and enabling a greater understanding of the human body and its consciousness. For many years she spoke and presented regularly at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto creating awareness for integrative health care and the life-enhancing, life-saving treatments it offers. Driven by creative passion along with her colleague she founded Galena Pharm, “Galenic” laboratory in Burnaby, BC specialized in innovative compounding, sterile compounding, hormone replacement therapy, chelation therapy, prolotherapy, pain management, mesotherapy, aromatherapy, and integrative medicine. She is passionate about speaking and would never fail to speak from Heart to Heart!

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WORKSHOP JUNE 23rd 3:00-5:30pm

WORKSHOP JUNE 23rd 3:00-5:30pm

It is based on the belief that the creative process involved in artistic self-expression helps people to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, and achieve insight

Intro to Art Therapy & Creative Process

Sunday June 23, 3pm

This group will give participants an experiential introduction to the practice and theory of art therapy – and an immersive sense of the creative process. We’ll be exploring an assortment of different art materials and ways of using them, both individually and collaboratively.

Art therapy is grounded in the belief that creative process and self-expression help us to have a clearer understanding of where we’re at right now …and to be able to imagine and make the changes that we’re looking for. Using creativity and expression to:

  • Find balance
  • Manage stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mental health issues
  • And the myriad of other un-eases that trip us up in our daily lives.

Creativity begins before we have art materials in our hands. It begins with personal and collective agency, with the decision(s) that we make to seek community, support, and space. It feels important to describe and recognize creativity as more than an art-related process, but also a way that we can live, imagine, understand, and create change in our lives.

*No experience with art or art materials is required.

Shauna Kaendo, Art Therapist, BFA, DVATI

Shauna approach to art therapy and art-making is grounded in an emphasis on process, play and exploration of materials. And the belief that we all have the potential (and capacity) to make change in our lives, and to create more balance amidst our whirlwinds.

Art therapy encompasses everything she loves about art and art-making, in many ways – but in large part because of the possibilities around well-being, collaboration and community-building by way of active self-care, peer support and connection, and creative expression.

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